Paestum and tasting of buffalo mozzarella

Length: 8 hours
Vehicles: luxury Car or luxury Minivan
It does not include the entrance fees (bring the photocopy of the passport, the price is based on age and nationality)

Paestum town of the Greeks and Romans

The city of Paestum once called Poseidonia in honor of Poseidon, the sea god, has much to tell. His first findings date back the prehistoric period, but only with the opening of the SS 18 (state highway), built under the will of King Carlo of Bourbon, there was the rediscovery of the ancient city. Even if aroused many interests, the excavations were not carried out before the twentieth century, because it was believed that the calcareous water of the river Salso had destroyed almost everything, except a few Temple. Only in the late sixties and early seventies, they were discovered several and extremely rich necropolis of Paestum, allowing the recovery of extraordinary and unique works, such as the Tomb of the Diver, funerary objects and splendid ceramics, work of renowned artists such as Assteas, Python and the so-called Painter of Aphrodite.

Tasting of Buffalo Mozzarella

Perhaps not everyone knows that the real mozzarella, the one that will make you watering and will inevitably trickle biting, is made with buffalo milk.

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