Pompeii and Vesuvius Tour

An excursion that conceals the secrets of the civilization that has sloughed the history, and the volcano among the most dangerous in the world. After one of the biggest tragedy ever, with 20.000 people killed, the city and the bodies are preserved now like in that inauspicious day.

Length: 8 hours
Pompeii ruins and the Mount Vesuvius
Vehicles: Luxury Car or Luxury Minivan
It does not include the entrance fees - (bring the photocopy of the passport, the price is based on age and nationality)
Discounts and benefits for groups of 3 or more persons


The Romans chose as destination of their holidays a high-ranking colony, Cornelia Venera Pompeiana, where they built their magnificent villas, creating a luxurious city full of vices.
The eruption on the 24th of August 79 A.D. buried the city under a layer of rock, ash and lapillus, allowing the conservation of the buildings, domestic tools and the bodies of the Pompeiians immortalized in their last moments before dying. A recall for the visitors from all around the world, a journey through the everyday life of the most potent empire in the history: ROMA.
Tips: Villa of the Mysteries, House of the Surgeon, House of the Fausto and the Chaste Lovers and the Lupanare


Visit of the sleeping giant
Vesuvius represents a constant threat for Neapolitan people, it is ranked as the most dangerous volcano in Europe. Its shape reflected in the water of the Gulf of Naples, gives us the image of full lips. But it's "kiss", or we'd better say its eruption, could raze 24 towns in a flash. The driver will drive you along the National Park of the Vesuvius, up to an altitude of 1050 mt, and then you will continue on foot towards the large cone, where a mountain guide is waiting for you to tell the story of the Giant.
Tips: Don't forget your camera, comfortable footwear, water, sun protection and hat. Limited wheelchair and buggy access. The order of the destinations may vary.

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